Thursday, March 29, 2012

5 Allergy Fighting Techniques that You Can Do in Your Dallas Lake Ray Hubbard Home

Spring is a beautiful time of year in the Lake Ray Hubbard area and all around the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. But instead of hearing the birds chirping, are you hearing an orchestra of Sniffles around your house like I am? If so, here are some recommendations of some tried and true Allergy-Fighting Techniques from the Mayo Clinic.

*By the way, if you're planning on Selling your Lake Ray Hubbard or DFW Home, I highly suggest you do these as well to avoid buyers getting an allergy attack during the showing of your house.

  • FLOORING ~ It's recommended that you Remove Carpet & install either Hardwood/Lamanit or Tile as the best option. But if that's not in your budget, be sure to Shampoo & Steam Clean your Carpets every 3 months. Don't forget about those Area Rugs, they need a good wash every 3 months too.

  • KITCHEN ~  Be sure to have a Trash Can that has an "Insect-proof Lid" or at least put raw meat cartons & vegatable/fruit peelings in a seperate bag (like a grocery store sack) before tossing it in your kitchen trash can. If you throw away meal left overs into the trash, be sure to dispose of the trash bag no longer than the next day to prevent any flies or insects. In addition, scrub your Sink & Trash Containers with Bleach to get rid of any Mold build up.

  • BATH ~ Scrub your Fixtures, Tubs, Toliets, & Trash Cans with Bleach to clean the Mold away. Wash or Replace overly moldy Shower Curtains & Bath Mats. 

  • AIR FILTRATON ~ Clean or Replace Air Filters every 3 months & be sure to select an Air Filter that has a "Small-Particle" or "HEPA" Filter. Also, keeping your house around 70* (which helps keep the humidity low), will help fight Mold & Dust Mites.

  • POTTED PLANTS ~ If you have any Potted Plants, spread some Aquarium Gravel over the top layer of dirt. This will help contain the mold.

Have a fabulous Spring & check back to the Lake Ray Hubbard Life website and Facebook Page to find out what's going on. 

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Come & See What's on the NTTA Eastern Expansion Drive, Dallas TX

As you know, the Eastern Extension of The President George Bush Turnpike (toll road) is OPEN and boy is it fabulous! But if for some reason you're still not sure where this NTTA Extension is, the 9.9 mile Eastern Extension of the PGB Turnpike is between State Highway 78 & Interstate 30. You can read more about it's opening here.

Along the 9.9 miles, you’ll find your way to great shopping and dining along the way & even be taken to Firewheel Town Center, which is a Main Street-style shopping, dining and entertainment center that also has an outside Park and trackless Train. Be sure to check frequently on what's going on at Firewheel Town Center. 

In addition to the different businesses & restaurants, you can also travel the one-mile bridge over Lake Ray Hubbard and continue DIRECTLY onto Interstate 30 nonstop! Talk about cutting down your commute time!

As with any NTTA roadway, the best way to drive, & the most Cost Effective way is with a TollTag. ZipCash customers pay 50 percent more than TollTag customers. A trip on the extension from I-30 to Firewheel Parkway costs $1.52 with a TollTag, compared to $2.28 with ZipCash. 

Experience the 9.9-mile drive with this Video on the NTTA’s YouTube channel. Take the drive yourself and Explore all the Fun that's out here!