Saturday, December 1, 2012

DART Rail Blue Line Extension Complete - Rowlett & Garland TX

It's time to DART to your new neighborhood!!!  That's right, the DART Light Rail Blue Line Extension, which connects to Downtown Garland, is set to open on Monday, December 3rd ... and Rowlett is throwing a big celebration for the DART Blue Line Extension Grand Opening!!!

Come celebrate with the City of Rowlett this Saturday, December 1st from 3-6p. The party will be on Main Street and the Downtown Rowlett DART Station that is across the street from Main Street.   This celebration is going to be huge & will combine 3 of Rowlett's most popular events along with Radio Disney to keep the fun going, a Winter Wonderland with Santa Claus-Games and SNOW!, Live Music & Performances, and Shopping & Food booths from Rowlett businesses. 
  • Touch a Truck (my son's favorite!) ~ Kiddos of all ages get to climb inside City vehicles like Fire Trucks, Ambulances, SWAT vehicles, Police Cars, Construction Trucks, Dump Trucks, a DART Bus, and many more! 
  • Fireworks on Main ~ Once it gets dark, there will be an awesome Fireworks display like on the 4th of July!
  • Light Up Main Streets Tree Lighting ~ Watch as the Christmas Tree & Holiday Lights get turned on! and have a picture with Santa Clause in the Veteran's Park Gazebo.

The FUN doesn't stop with these 3 festivals that have been combined into 1 ~ across the tracks, at the Downtown Rowlett DART Station, they'll be FREE DART Light Rail Train rides to and from the Downtown Garland Station, more live festive music and more Shopping & Food booths from Rowlett businesses!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Home Buying Tip for Dallas/Ft Worth ... Get Ready for Bidding Wars

A colleague of mine, Charita Cadenhead, a Realtor in Birmingham Alabama, puts things in perspective with how the Housing Market has turned. Like in Alabama, Multiple Offers and even Selling at 98-100% of the List Price is becoming the norm rather than the exception here in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex.

If I can be of service to you or help your friends/family that you refer to me, please know that I am never too busy & I would honor the chance to earn the business!

Is there a Neighborhood or City that you're curious about? Simply send me an email ( and/or visit my Website to search for houses in all the cities (Garland, Rowlett, Rockwall, & Heath) that make up our Lake Ray Hubbard area or Your Area of interest in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex.

Homebuyers Caught Off Guard by Bidding War That's the title of an article that I read yesterday on Realtor Magazine online:  Homebuyers Caught Off Guard by Bidding War.  Immediately I thought "Really?  Really?" The fact is that it should be no surprise and in my opinion "caught off guard" does not accurately describe the what's happening.
Speaking from personal experience, I have been warning buyers that they better come with their A-Game for months now.  And on ActiveRain, members have been posting about bidding wars for even longer than that (Erica Ramus comes specifically to mind).
The article made me wonder where they got their information from.  No wait, just as soon as I typed that sentence,  it dawned on me that they must have gotten that info from buyers because as real estate agents, I feel almost certain that the vast majority of us have been doing our job and warning buyers that the real estate landscape was changing (as it was changing).
This is just my take, but I think the caption or the title of the article should have been "Buyers Are Now Starting to Believe What Their Agents Have Been Telling Them All Along:  There is a Bidding War going on. 
With the caliber of the inventory being less than stellar, buyers must realize that when they find that gem, they best come with the best that they have to offer.  Because just as sure as they fall in love with a property, there will be others falling in love with it almost simultaneously. 
Monkey around if you will, you'll find yourself making offers for the sake of making offers and in the end, settling for less than your heart's desire all because.......................well I'll let you finish that sentence. 
Here's my advice to buyers, when you happen upon that house that has all of the makings of home, it's no time to play games and play like the savvy negotiator.  Have your Realtor® or real estate agent review comps with you to see what homes have been selling for in the area and then make your offer accordingly.  If you don't make your offer based on the available data, then you can probably kiss that home goodbye and try to become friends with the new owners so you'll at least have a chance to visit the home that you lost to them.  

Charita Cadenhead, Your Metropolitan Birmingham, Alabama Real Estate Broker of Choice (205) 527-1112 - cell (205) 321-1200 - Office (800) 496-7431 - Fax  

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do You Pay Full Price?!? Home Buying Tips for Dallas/Ft Worth

Who Pays Full Price? No one!   That's right, our society & in our current economic times, No One wants to pay more than its Value regardless of the product. When you buy bananas for 49 cents a pound at one store and see them for 39 cents a pound at another store, it's not the ten cent difference as much as it is about you Over Paying.

Home Buyers are no different and it seems like the natural way to start the negotiation process is to offer less than the asking price for the home. However, with the market making a turn upward, be wary of "low balling" and submitting an outrageously low amount, many Sellers are now receiving Multiple Offers on their home.

Having the Seller knock a few thousand dollars off the sales price sounds good, but in actuality, it won't make much difference in your monthly paymentsHowever, a buyer who only has enough available funds for down payment and closing costs will have to live in a home exactly the way it is until they've saved more money to make their desired changes/repairs. Instead of lowering your offering price, how about having the Seller take that money off in other areas like the Home's Condition or Seller Concessions, could make a big difference in your pocket book.

Let's say you found a home that needed $5,000 worth of improvements and the seller would lower the price by that amount. Great, your purchase price is lowered BUT financing those improvements with a separate bank loan will result in you having higher payments due to a higher interest rate and shorter term than your mortgage.
  • INSTEAD, you could Offer Full Price and ask the seller to make your desired improvements prior to closing. This will result in lower monthly payments based on today's low mortgage rates and 30 year term. 
  • OR negotiate with the seller to pay that amount of your closing costs, which then means you get to check your saved money & now have the cash to make the improvements.  
When buying a house, especially in today's roller coaster market, remember the saying "there's more than 1 way to skin a cat". By offering Full Price, many Sellers are more apt to consider concessions regarding condition or terms which can be balanced to affect the value of the property.   

If I can be of service to you or help your friends/family that you refer to me, please know that I am never too busy & I would honor the chance to earn the business!

If there's a Neighborhood or City that you're curious about, simply send me an email ( You can also visit my Website to search for houses in all the cities (Garland, Rowlett, Rockwall, & Heath) that make up our Lake Ray Hubbard area or Your Area of interest in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lake Houses and Houses with a Lake View for Sale in Dallas Texas

Are you looking for a House ON THE LAKE?  Do you want to actually have a Boat Dock/House just past your backyard?

Then you need to check out the LAKE RAY HUBBARD area 


Lake Ray Hubbard is a very family focused community that actually has 4 Cities bordering the Lake ...  Rowlett & Garland  are on the South side of the lake and Rockwall & Heath are on the North end.  Lake Ray Hubbard is just North of Dallas & with the newly completed President George Bush Toll Way, the commute for Dallas or Plano workers has greatly improved & travel time has been reduced!

But the best part of Lake Ray Hubbard, unlike many of lakes around the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex, Lake Ray Hubbard allows home owners to build a boat dock/house on the "Leaseback" area that's behind their house that connects to the lake (city approval is needed)!

On the South side of Lake Ray Hubbard, in Rowlett & Garland, there are currently 41 Houses For Sale & that are either On the Lake or have a View of the Lake ... and none are Foreclosures! The Homes that are currently on the market, range anywhere from $119,900 for a 1,363 sqft, 3 bedrooms, & 2 baths to $337,517 for a 3,178sqft, 4 bedrooms, & 2.5 baths. 

On the North side of Lake Ray Hubbard, in Rockwall & Heath, there are currently 75 Houses For Sale & that are either On the Lake or have a View of the Lake ... out of these homes, only 3 are Foreclosures! The Homes that are currently on the market, range anywhere from $60,000 for a 1,151 sqft, 2 bedrooms, & 1 baths to $3,770,000 for a 10,000sqft, 7 bedrooms, & 5 baths.  

Come see what the Cities that border the beautiful  Lake Ray Hubbard have to offer and find a home that's sure to fit your budget!  

View Larger Map

Though I don't have a Lake House or even a view of the Lake, I absolutely LOVE living in the Lake Ray Hubbard area in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex and would be more than happy to share more information about this wonderfully family focused community. If there's a Neighborhood or City that you're curious about, simply send me an email ( You can also visit my Website to search for houses in all the cities (Garland, Rowlett, Rockwall, & Heath) that make up our Lake Ray Hubbard area or Your Area of interest in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex.
Please know that I am never too busy to help you or your friends/family that you refer to me & I would honor the chance to earn the business!

Friday, April 20, 2012

10 Mistakes To Avoid When Financing A Home in Dallas Texas

John Cannata with Supreme Lending, is one of my favorite Mortgage Lenders to work & this is an example as to Why he is! This is great info for all to read who are Thinking about or are In the Process of Buying a Home ... and should definitely be shared with anyone you know who's about to Buy a Home!  

Please know that I am never too busy to help you or your friends/family that you refer to me & I would honor the chance to earn the business!

I love living in the Lake Ray Hubbard area in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex and would love to share more information about this wonderfully family focused community. If there's a Neighborhood or City that you're curious about, simply send me an email ( You can also visit my Website to search for houses in all the cities (Garland, Rowlett, Rockwall, & Heath) that make up our Lake Ray Hubbard area or Your Area of interest in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex.

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Via John Cannata - Supreme Lending Texas Home Loan Originator (214-728-0449

Buying and financing a home is the most important personal financial decision an individual will make in their lifetime. Over a lifetime, the average homeowner may pay one-half of a million dollars or more in mortgage interest—many times more than any other single expense. In addition,  much of the wealth of the nation lies in real estate. Over two-thirds of American families own their own home, while our country has the lowest savings rate in the industrialized world.

As significant as these statistics are, the process and substance of home finance remains a mystery to the average American. We tend to know much more about our automobiles and the loans that finance these vehicles than we do about mortgages that make our home purchase possible. How many Americans are familiar with the formulas for mortgage qualification or the workings of adjustable rate mortgages? Not many, which is why people pay too much for their mortgages or have no  idea if they are making the right decision in relation to their personal financial situation. We tend to pay too much because we tend to make up to ten essential mistakes when involved in the homebuying process:

1~ We do not have a relationship with a lender. An individual formulates a multitude of professional relationships in his or her lifetime - doctor, attorney, accountant, financial planner and even a car dealership. We tend not to have a relationship with a mortgage lender because the need  for the home finance transaction arises much less frequenty. In the past, homeowners averaged a new home loan once every seven years. With the advent of adjustable rate mortgages and refinances, this average has been shortened significantly. If you have no relationship with a qualified mortgage lender you are much less likely to find qualified advice when the need arises. When rates go down and you are one of many trying to join the hordes of those refinancing homes, you will have little time to develop a relationship with a qualified professional.

2~ We have no idea whether the lender we pick is qualified. Since we do not tend to have long-term relationships, we do not tend to shop for the right reasons. We know how to ask about a mortgage company’s rates (or, at least we think we do)—but not the background of the company or the individual with whom we are dealing. For example, what is the experience level of the loan officer? While it is typical for a real estate agent to be required to take a course and pass a test in most states, loan officers may be hired off the street. You are about to make the most important financial decision you may ever make. Would it not make sense to go over the resume from the person with whom you are working?

3~ We do not know how to shop for a mortgage. Most homebuyers know how to ask: what is your rate? We do not know how to ask about lock options, miscellaneous fees, annual percentage rates, or  even the variety of programs available. One example would be options for avoiding mortgage insurance. If we put less than 20% down on a home financed with a conventional mortgage, we may need private mortgage insurance. Many lenders have programs that do not require this insurance.

4~ We do not know enough about mortgages in general—especially how the choices might affect our economic gains or losses. Since we do not know about mortgages, it is not likely we will know how to shop or what to look for in a mortgage. We tend to know that there are fixed rates and adjustables. We tend to be clueless when asked how the down payment might affect our overall rate of return on our investment in the long run. If we refinance or sell in a short period of time, any points paid will result in a loss. How many home shoppers know how to calculate the time frame necessary to break even on the dollars invested in points?

5~ We think we know what type of mortgage we would like—without knowing all the options. Many of us begin by shopping for a 30-year fixed mortgage or a one-year adjustable because we are familiar with only one or two options and we have made our decision on our preference. There are several additional major mortgage types which should be considered. Are you familiar with buydowns, long-term adjustables and 20-year mortgages?

Changing spreads between short and long term rates can make adjustable rate mortgages more attractive during certain time-periods. Even within the adjustable rate family, certain economic conditions can make one adjustable more attractive than another. The point here is that you should not shop for a particular type of mortgage. You should work with a professional to evaluate which is best for you under the present economic scenario.  If we could predict the future of interest rates, the process would be easy. 

6~ When we refinance our mortgage, we forget about the long-term. With lower interest rates, everyone thinks that we come out ahead when we refinance. In reality, every time we refinance purely for a lower rate and/or payment, we stretch out the mortgage’s term and slow down the process of building equity.

7~ We have no idea how the mortgage approval process works. Many of us sign a contract to purchase a home and then address the idea of obtaining a mortgage. Most do not know that it makes more sense to obtain a mortgage approval first. This helps our own piece of mind while we shop and also increases our bargaining power with the seller. It also allows us time to address any issues before agreeing to a ‘closing date’ on the purchase contract.

8~ We do not know that the lock options may be as important as the rate. Most shoppers have no idea that many lock options exist. There are options which allow us to lock in the rate and points for 15, 30, 45, 60, 90 or more days. Many people shop different companies in order to save $250 in points and then make the wrong decision with regard to lock options. Considering the volatility of the interest rate markets, the wrong lock option may cost many thousands of dollars.

9~ We do not know what to ask the lender with regard to the services he or she offers. We assume that all mortgages are the same. One 30-year fixed mortgage is the exact same as another. It is not the variance of mortgages we are referring t, it is the quality of service that is delivered. For example, Supreme Lending offers quick approval programs that will render a decision in a few days. Other lenders may struggle with your application for weeks or months. Supreme Lending will process and approve your loans with our own staff. Others send their loans to other lenders for processing or approval. We are not advocating here which is the best mode of service. A smaller broker that sends your loan to a larger lender might offer you a wider range of programs than a bank. The important thing is that you are aware of what services are available and that tradeoffs must be made in order to make a final decision.

10~ We are intimidated by the whole process. Buying and financing a  home seems to be a very large task—one which most of us would rather avoid. The reason we become intimidated is that we are not knowledgeable regarding the subject of mortgages. The mortgage decision is important enough to spend some time learning. Certainly, it is as important as learning about the latest four wheel drive vehicle. With knowledge comes confidence. With confidence comes power.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

12 Tornadoes Hit Dallas/Ft Worth TX (April 3, 2012) & How You Can Help

What a difference a day makes ... the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, it's another beautiful day in North Texas. But what happened yesterday, April 3, 2012, was unbelievable!

The National Weather Service estimated 12 Tornadoes touched down in North Texas and throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Cities greatly affected by these twisters were Arlington, Lancaster, Kennedale & Forney TX and there were over 800 Homes that were damaged by these storms! My heart breaks for the destruction the people of these towns encountered!

Forney TX in Kauffman County, a small but growing community just east of the Lake Ray Hubbard area & about 30 minutes north of Downtown Dallas, had 3, yes 3 Tornadoes touch down. According to the National Weather Service, at least 1 was likely an EF3, with winds going 150 mph!

Those 3 Tornadoes that hit Forney, damaged 70+ Homes & destroyed over 20 Homes, many in the Diamond Creek subdivision in northwest part of Forney, as well as damaged over 90 buildings, including Forney ISD's Crosby Elementary School. Despite all the destruction, the Forney Mayor, Darren Rozell puts things into real prespective when he said, "the fact that everybody that woke up in Forney yesterday morning is still alive today in Forney – that's a real blessing. Zero fatalities."   

Tornado touching down in Forney TX, town just east of Lake Ray Hubbard area

If you'd like to help but are not close to any of the Cities that were affected by the Tornadoes, the easiest, and most effective way is to donate money to the Red Cross of North Texas. This money helps pay for rent or hotel rooms, new clothes, food and items needed for families who have lost everything. You can text REDCROSS to 90999 to Donate $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief, or visit to donate online.

If you're near Forney, you can help families who have lost everything by donating through a number of locations in the neighboring cities of Forney ...  
  • Rockwall Helping Hands  (950 Williams Street, Rockwall / 972-771-4357)
  • Royse City Lions Club has a drop off location at Ginger Stephens CPA at 305 E. Main Street, or call 214-287-1656. 
  • Forney Mustang Creek Community Church (13851 FM Road 548)

In addition to Clothes for all ages & sizes, Food, Bottled Beverages, here's a list of other items needed:
  • Walmart Gift Cards
  • Sleeping bags
  • Flashlights
  • Rubbermaid Totes (for homeowners to collect salvageable items)
  • Large Tarps
  • Work Gloves
  • First Aid Items
  • Diapers
  • Can Openers
  • Pet Supplies/Food/Crates/etc

Footage of the Damage just after Tornado hit in Forney TX

Are you or your organization interested in Volunteering??? If so, you'll need to meet in 1 of 2 places to help clean up one of the hardest-hit areas in Forney & Kauffman County. Be sure to bring hats, gloves, sunscreen, and water. There's a short informational session/orientation you have to go thru to receive a badge before going into the clean up areas.
  • Mustang Creek Community Church, 13851 FM Road 548, (starts at 8am and every 2 hours after that).  
  • Forney Police Command Center at FM 548 and Ridgecrest Road. 

    Did you find a lost animal from yesterday's storms? If so, you can go to Lost & Foud Pets from North Texas Tornadoes on Facebook or the Forney Disaster Relief - Pet Reunion Facebook page. *Users are asked to post photos of any lost pets they find, or post a good description along with an email and phone number so families can find their friends.

    View Larger Map

    Thursday, March 29, 2012

    5 Allergy Fighting Techniques that You Can Do in Your Dallas Lake Ray Hubbard Home

    Spring is a beautiful time of year in the Lake Ray Hubbard area and all around the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. But instead of hearing the birds chirping, are you hearing an orchestra of Sniffles around your house like I am? If so, here are some recommendations of some tried and true Allergy-Fighting Techniques from the Mayo Clinic.

    *By the way, if you're planning on Selling your Lake Ray Hubbard or DFW Home, I highly suggest you do these as well to avoid buyers getting an allergy attack during the showing of your house.

    • FLOORING ~ It's recommended that you Remove Carpet & install either Hardwood/Lamanit or Tile as the best option. But if that's not in your budget, be sure to Shampoo & Steam Clean your Carpets every 3 months. Don't forget about those Area Rugs, they need a good wash every 3 months too.

    • KITCHEN ~  Be sure to have a Trash Can that has an "Insect-proof Lid" or at least put raw meat cartons & vegatable/fruit peelings in a seperate bag (like a grocery store sack) before tossing it in your kitchen trash can. If you throw away meal left overs into the trash, be sure to dispose of the trash bag no longer than the next day to prevent any flies or insects. In addition, scrub your Sink & Trash Containers with Bleach to get rid of any Mold build up.

    • BATH ~ Scrub your Fixtures, Tubs, Toliets, & Trash Cans with Bleach to clean the Mold away. Wash or Replace overly moldy Shower Curtains & Bath Mats. 

    • AIR FILTRATON ~ Clean or Replace Air Filters every 3 months & be sure to select an Air Filter that has a "Small-Particle" or "HEPA" Filter. Also, keeping your house around 70* (which helps keep the humidity low), will help fight Mold & Dust Mites.

    • POTTED PLANTS ~ If you have any Potted Plants, spread some Aquarium Gravel over the top layer of dirt. This will help contain the mold.

    Have a fabulous Spring & check back to the Lake Ray Hubbard Life website and Facebook Page to find out what's going on. 

                *****               *****               *****               *****

    I love living in the Lake Ray Hubbard area and would love to share more information about this wonderfully family focused community. If there's a Neighborhood or City that you're curious about, simply send me an email ( You can also visit my Website to search for houses in all the cities (Garland, Rowlett, Rockwall, & Heath) that make up our Lake Ray Hubbard area or Your Area of interest in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex.

    Please know that I am never too busy to help you or your friends/family that you refer to me and I would honor the chance to earn the business!

    Monday, March 5, 2012

    Come & See What's on the NTTA Eastern Expansion Drive, Dallas TX

    As you know, the Eastern Extension of The President George Bush Turnpike (toll road) is OPEN and boy is it fabulous! But if for some reason you're still not sure where this NTTA Extension is, the 9.9 mile Eastern Extension of the PGB Turnpike is between State Highway 78 & Interstate 30. You can read more about it's opening here.

    Along the 9.9 miles, you’ll find your way to great shopping and dining along the way & even be taken to Firewheel Town Center, which is a Main Street-style shopping, dining and entertainment center that also has an outside Park and trackless Train. Be sure to check frequently on what's going on at Firewheel Town Center. 

    In addition to the different businesses & restaurants, you can also travel the one-mile bridge over Lake Ray Hubbard and continue DIRECTLY onto Interstate 30 nonstop! Talk about cutting down your commute time!

    As with any NTTA roadway, the best way to drive, & the most Cost Effective way is with a TollTag. ZipCash customers pay 50 percent more than TollTag customers. A trip on the extension from I-30 to Firewheel Parkway costs $1.52 with a TollTag, compared to $2.28 with ZipCash. 

    Experience the 9.9-mile drive with this Video on the NTTA’s YouTube channel. Take the drive yourself and Explore all the Fun that's out here!

    Tuesday, February 21, 2012

    Want to get a Deal or a Steal when Buying a House? Check out HUD Homes!

    Are you thinking about BUYING a HOUSE in Garland, Rowlett, Rockwall or other Dallas County, Collin County or Tarrant County city? Do you not only want a Deal but a STEAL??? Well then, might I suggest you take a look at HUD Homes

    HUD homes are not your typical Foreclosure or Short Sale home that has lots of issues or trashed by the previous owners ... Some HUD Homes are move-in ready while others aren't. HUD Homes also vary in price ... you can certainly find a HUD home for $100k or less, you can ALSO find a sweet $400k HUD home as well!

    So What Is a HUD Home you ask. Good Question ... let's start with the basics:
    • HUD Homes are offered 1st as an Auction / online Bid. There's a Bid Deadline and if NO bid was accepted, the House then goes on a Day by Day basis until a bid is accepted
    • HUD homes ARE sold AS-IS. They've already been Appraised by FHA & have noted if any, what work/repairs they will Reimburse the buyer for a portion of. These repairs that will be made are if they are to make the property "safe, secure or marketable". In other words, they're not going to Reimburse you to paint over the red wall in the dining room & change out the old appliances. If any work to the Main Systems of the house or Structure of the House needs to be done.  **When you click on the house Case #, go to the Addendum tab & click the "PCR" (property conditions report) and the "Escrow" links to find out what is wrong & how much you'll be reimbursed when you get it repaired. 
    • HUD does NOT Pay the Agents Commissions like most other Sellers do. This amount will be deducted from your Offer Price so be sure to keep this in mind when setting your OFFER because bottome line, the Winner is the one who's NET Offer is the highest.
    • Buyers SHOULD get their own Home Inspections & if you are awarded the winning bid for the HUD Home, you actually have 15 Days to get an Inspection! If it is discovered during the Inspection that there are issues with the Structural, Roof, Operating System Defect (plumbing, electrical, sewage, HVAC), or Non-Compliance with local codes/zoning, the Buyer can Request HUD to correct issues or the Buyer can Cancel their Purchase of the HUD home.
    • Some HUD Homes accept a $100 as their Down Payment! Yup! you read that right ... $100 can be your Down Payment for a HUD House!!! There are some requirements to this, so check with your Lender to see if you qualify!!!
    • Some HUD Homes also accept the 203K FHA Rehab Loan ... not a loan for recovering alcoholics or drug users (ha ha ha) but it's a loan specifically for people who buy "distressed" (foreclosed) houses where your Home Loan & Repair Loan are rolled into one. Again, check with your Lender to see if you qualify for this loan.
    • There are also HUD Homes that can be Purchased for 50% off the already low HUD listed price!!! YES, 50% Off the List Price!!! This is HUD's Good Neighbor Next Door program. If you're a Firefighter, EMT, Police or teacher in Garland, Rowlett, Rockwall or other Dallas County, Collin County or Tarrant County city you can qualify to participate in this awesome HUD Program! There are of course certain requirements so talk with your Realtor (hopefully that'll be ME) & Lender to see if you Qualify.
    HUD Homes Come & Go Quickly so check back periodically at the HUD HOME STORE {type in the county, # of bedrooms, & max list price only to get the most options}

    So WHO can buy a HUD Home??!?? YOU CAN!!! 

    Contact me if you have any questions about purchasing or if you would like to look at a HUD Home iGarland, Rowlett, Rockwall or other Dallas County, Collin County or Tarrant County city.

    Monday, February 13, 2012


    Staging your home to SELL is a marketing tool that is becoming more & more essential in the DFW & the Lake Ray Hubbard Real Estate Market. As your Realtor, my main responsibility is to make sure YOUR HOME SELLS in a little time as possible and for as much money as possible! One of the things that I provide my sellers are tips on how we can stage & better present their home, and if needed, help from a professional Home Stagger.

    Buyers are looking for value, especially in today's economy that has a lot of 1st time home buyers. Whether its a car or a house, buyers need to perceive that their purchase is worth the price & even that it has more value than the price. 

    There are 2 Main Reasons that Staging your home to sell is important from my 2 favorite Home Staggers, Karen Otto with Home Star Staging & Holly Bellomy with Dallas Real Estate Staging ... 

    • You only get 1 First Impression and often times it's on the internet. Holly says, "A beautifully staged home stands out from its competition & spends less time on the market. Many buyers start their search on the internet so if the photos of your home display the cat's litter box, 1980's wall paper, & mismatched furniture, you will not draw a crowd! Stage your home before it's placed on the market and entice those potential buyers to come and take a look!"

    • Staging is beneficial in Preventing Price Erosion that inevitably happens in the minds of buyers. As Karen puts it, "Price Erosion is when the potential Buyers start to make objections to the condition, repairs or updates that haven’t been completed. This can be anything you do to prepare your home which could include De-Cluttering, Neutralizing, Updating, De-Personalizing & Organizing, and enhancing the Curb Appeal." 

    The bottom line is that an attractive listing will be shown more often, which means more market exposure, which is obviously needed for a quick & profitable SALE.

    As your Lake Ray Hubbard & Dallas/Ft Worth Realtor, I work with my Sellers from Beginning to End making sure that we do all that we can to your DFW Home SOLD! Contact me (phone /email) to set up an appointment to discuss in more detail about selling your Dallas/Ft Worth home.

    Along with Staging your Home, Pricing your Home Correctly from the Beginning & setting up an aggressive Marketing Plan are the other 2 things that are a MUST BEFORE you put your Dallas/Ft Worth home on the Market. *What to Do to SELL Your Dallas/Ft Worth House ... What's Important

    What to Do to SELL Your Dallas/Ft Worth House ... What's Important

    So you've decided to SELL YOUR HOUSE ... 

    NOW WHAT?! 

    Finding yourself a Realtor is a great 1st step. As a Realtor who specializes in the Lake Ray Hubbard area and Dallas Metroplex, I'm here to help you reach your Real Estate goals and sell your house for a good price & in a timley manner! I understand that selling your home can be a very emotional & will enfringe on your personal time.  

    As your Realtor, my goal is to make the selling process as stress free and profitable for you as possible. The three main things I stress in getting your Home Sold are to ... Stage your Home, Price your Home Right from the Beginning, and Marketing your Home. Below is more information on these:
    • Staging Your Home is basically getting your home in "showing and selling" condition. You never get a 2nd chance at a 1st impression, so it's important to take the time to get your house set to Impress Buyers. How your home looks will greatly impact how quickly your house sells & the price you get for it. As your Realtor, I can assist you in approaching your home from the buyer's standpoint and recommend changes/repairs/updates that should be done to make a good first impression. *Read more about the importance of Stagging HERE
    • Pricing Your Home Right from the Beginning is essential for getting your house sold both quickly & for a higher price. If your home isn't priced correctly, your home might end up sitting on the market too long because it's overpriced ... which then leads potential buyers to think that something is wrong with it & inevetably offering a much lower price, which could very well be lower than what should have been your initial listing price. As your Realtor, I'll do an intense Comparative Market Analysis for your house. It is important to remember that the current Market, meaning prices that homes have sold for over the past 6 months, is what will be used to price your house & will also be used by your Lender's Appraiser. It is this objective analysis that will be used to determine the best Price Range for your house. 
    • Marketing your Home is the final step now that your home is ready, it's time to put it on the market and announce to the world that it's For Sale! Marketing a home has changed a lot from 10 years ago, and even 5 years ago. As your Realtor, I continually update & evaluate how I market my clients homes to reach the highest possibility of potential and qualified buyers. Online marketing is a MUST, ~85% of all home buyers start their looking Online, and this venue changes frequently as well as what is popular with the consumers. Along with the basics (taking quality pictures, inputting your house in the Multiple Listing Service, Sign in Yard with Flyers, and setting up buyer showings with the Centralized Showing Serivce & using a Supra Lockbox), I also do the following ... Create your own Website & Domain Name, Utilize major consumer marketing websites like Zillow, Trulia, &, Advertise continuously on my business & company Websites, Blogs, & Social Media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn, and I also do Online Classifieds like CraigsList & RealBird.

    When you put your house on the market, the 1st 3 weeks are the busiest and that's why it's so important to  Stage your HomePrice your Home Right from the Beginningand Market your Home .

    As your Lake Ray Hubbard & Dallas/Ft Worth Realtor, I work with my Sellers from Beginning to End making sure that we do all that we can to your DFW Home SOLD! Contact me (phone / email) to set up an appointment to discuss in more detail about selling your Dallas/Ft Worth home.

    Sunday, February 12, 2012

    2011 Year End Market Report, Lake Ray Hubbard, Garland TX ~ Rowlett TX ~ Rockwall TX

    Another year has come & gone, like the sun setting over the beautiful Lake Ray HubbardSo how did Real Estate market do in 2011 in the Lake Ray Hubbard area compared to 2010? 

    Overall, 2011 was an alright year for both Sellers and the Buyers in the Lake Ray Hubbard housing market considering the economic state of our Country. Houses tended to stay on the market a bit longer than 2010 and sellers typically recieved less than their asking price ... BUT ... on the positive side, the Housing market saw amazingly low mortgage rates!

    Real Estate is local and it's actually Hyper Local ... so with that being said, here's a quick glance of how the different cities fared around Lake Ray Hubbard.

    • GARLAND, TX: 2011 saw about 18% less Listings (2,757), about 4.6% fewer Sales (1,666), and Sale Prices were down about 5% with the average price being $108,000.
    • ROWLETT, TX: 2011 saw about 16% less Listings (1,237), about 2.5% MORE Sales (760), and Sale Prices were down about 4% with the average price being $146,000.
    • ROCKWALL, TX 2011 saw about 13% less Listings (2,113), about 2% MORE Sales (1,163), and Sale Prices were UP about .2% with the average price being $219,000.

    If there is a neighborhood that you're curious about, simply send me an email ( or a facebook message ( and I'd be happy to share the information with you. Please know that I am never too busy to help you or your friends/family that you refer to me and I would honor the chance to earn the business!

    Sunday, January 29, 2012

    How to Live a GREENER Lifestyle and Lessen your CARBON FOOTPRINT, Dallas TX

    Are you looking to live a GREENER lifestyle and lessen your CARBON FOOTPRINT?                                                       
    Here are some simple ways to be kind live GREEN in your everyday routine.

    ·         Pay your Bills Online to lessen the waste of paper
    ·         Skip the Drive Thru Windows … park & walk in
    ·       Replace light bulbs with Energy-Efficient bulbs
    ·         Unplug Appliances you don’t use often & turn your computer off completely at night
    ·         Open your window blinds to bring in the natural light instead of using electricity
    ·         Print on both sides of paper or let your kids draw on the backside of used paper
    ·         Use reusable bags for ALL of your shopping
    ·         Wash as many clothes as you can in a load … and use cold or tap water
    ·         Insulate your water heater
    ·         Use a reusable water bottle & stop buying disposable water bottles … and you’ll also save $$$

    For more ideas on how to be GREEN, check out The Daily Green.

    If you are a Buyer looking for GREEN Homes for Sale in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex or Lake Ray Hubbard area, you can search for houses that are currently on the market in your desired areas directly on my website (top right) … it gets all it’s information directly from the MLS which has the most up to date info.

    If you would like to set up an appointment to see homes just give me a call (214-422-0729) or send me an email - I'd be ever so happy to help!

    Friday, January 27, 2012

    Keep Track of Home Improvements to Help Lessen Your Taxes

    With Tax time here, I thought I'd share a tip on things you can deduct and minimize your possible taxes.  If it's too late for your 2011 taxes, start doing it for your 2012 taxes!

    Maintenance on a principal residence, the house you live in, is not a deductible, BUT, Improvements can add to the basis which can reduce the gain in the sale. Improvements are easily identified if they add to the value of a home, prolong its useful life or adapt it to new uses.

    Receipts and other proof, such as pictures, should be kept during ownership and for several years after the sale of the home.

    A simple strategy is to put documents that affect the basis of the home in one envelope. Any receipt for money spent on the home that isn't the house payment or utilities, goes into the envelope. Your tax advisor will be able to sort through them to determine which are the capital improvements.

    For more information on determining capital improvements, see IRS publication 523, and consult with your Tax Advisor.

    If you're thinking about Buying or Selling a Home in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex or Lake Ray Hubbard area, please contact me to see how I can support you! I love what I do & giving 100% is all I know!

    Wednesday, January 18, 2012

    The Best Way Home ... To Buying a Home That Is

    "It's not far, if you know the way." Maybe it is an obvious statement but there are some definite steps that will improve your success in buying a home in today's market.
    1. Know you credit score - the best mortgage rates are available to borrowers with the highest scores. Unless you know what your credit score is at all three major bureaus, you don't really know what rate you'll have to pay.
    2. Clean up your credit - it is estimated that about 90% of credit reports have errors. Some are not serious but others could affect a borrower from getting the best loan terms. It is your responsibility to know what is on your different reports and correct them if possible. You're entitled to a free copy of your credit report each year from Experian, Trans Union and Equifax.
    3. Get pre-approved - Taking the time to make a loan application with a qualified lender even before you start looking at homes will provide peace of mind, make sure that you are looking at the "right" homes and may help you negotiate the best price on the home you select.
    4. Do your homework - when you find the home that meets your needs and desires, research the tax assessments, school ratings, crime activity, possible zoning changes and comparable sales in the area.
    As your real estate professional I can definitely help you with these important strategies to invest in a home to call your own, raise your family, feel safe and secure and share with your friends. Call for a recommendation of a trusted mortgage professional; there really is a difference.