Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hello Spring ... Hello Insects

Bye-Bye Winter ... Spring is here!

In case you haven't noticed, humans aren't the only ones who are glad to see winter go. ANTS & other INSECTS are also drawn to this warmer weather,Non Toxic way to rid house of insects especially in Texas, and are coming out in droves ... or at least it seems like they are. 

For me, I've never been a big fan of using environmentally harmful chemicals or "over the counter" products like RAID to keep our house clear of unwanted insects, especially since our Lil'Dude blessed our lives almost 2 years ago. We searched high & low and finally found EcoStar Pest Control, an amazing company that uses organic based products! Besides using environmentally friendly products that has minimal exposure to people and animals, EcoStar's program is 2nd to none! They come every 3 months to treat the inside of your house, the outside front & back yard, the perimeter & eaves of your house, and if needed the garage/attic. If by chance you find some pesky insects between your regularly scheduled service, all you have to do is give them a call and a technician will be sent out at NO EXTRA CHARGE! EcoStar Pest Control is a family owned business in McKinney but proudly service the Lake Ray Hubard area as well as other locations in the DFW MetroPlex.

If you chose not to use a company for your problem, be wary of what you use on Ants because there are different types of Ants. For example, spaying RAID      or Non Toxic way to rid house of insectother common insecticides on the Pharaoh (sugar) Ant will actually    make it worse. Yuppers ... when those ants you killed don't return  home, the Queen will inject ~6-12 of her "loyal subjects" with Queen Serum & they go off and start their own colonies most likely in your house! So how do you get rid of the not so sweet Sugar Ants?! The best over the counter remedy is to purchase "Pharaoh Ant Traps". They look like little roach traps/houses but they contain a specila mixture that the ants just can't resist, which they take back to their home & share with all the others. A good one that I've come across is MaxForce Ant Bait Stations. They have no insecticide odor, are child-resistant, and easy to use. 

Here's to a Happy Pest Free Spring!!!