Monday, December 27, 2010

Recycling in the Cities Around Lake Ray Hubbard

I am a conscientious recycler though I honestly admit that while I do try my best to recycle in my home & take my own bags to stores, I'm only scratching the surface compared to most people who are diehard recyclers. I understand the basic ideas behind recycling ... We need less trash in our dumps & we need to do our part to help in the reduction of natural resources.
 trash dump
In researching the recycling programs that are around Lake Ray Hubbard, I'm happy & am thankfull that the Cities of Garland, Rowlett, & Rockwall have a recycling program and understand that having "Curb-Side" pick up for recycling is important to have more of their residents recycle.   Both the City of Rowlett & the City of Rockwall have recycling pick up once a week & the City of Garland has it every other week.

Recycling Logo

If you're in "aGREENment" (as the City of Rockwall says), and want to see cleaner lakes, green trees, & have a less nasty smells from the landfills, click on the following links to find out more about your cities Recycling Program.