Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning - AMAZING!

Okay, so we all know that it's a MUST to have clean fresh carpets if you're getting your house market-ready to sell and it's definetly something all buyers look for. Although I'm personally not doing either, I did like most people, survive the holiday invasion of family and friends ... however, our cream colored carpet wasn't so lucky! We found a few wine drops & chocolate spots along with the foot traffic that had built up. Now because I have a 20 mth old lil'dude, I'm quite picky about the chemicals used in our house.

< Enter Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaners ... Angels Singing >

Let me start with the technician, who come to find out is actually the DFW Franchise Owner. He was unbelievably friendly, thoroughly went over the cleaning process, let my lil'dude test out his super "broom", and even helped me move a few pieces of heavy furniture. Though it was explained to me and I read up on it, quite honestly, I'm not quite sure how the whole "oxygen" thing works ... but I do know that with Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaners, there are no harsh chemicals or sticky residue because it's the Oxygen that breaks up the stains, they use very little water too so the dry time was around an hour and the carpet pads weren't soaked, the machine they use doesn't tear up the carpet, and best of all, my house carpet looks amazing!!!

I am forever more singing the praises of Oxi Fresh Carpet Cleaning & oh so highly recommend them! If you're in the DFW Metro-plex, basically any where between Ft Worth & Rockwall, give Mark (franchise owner) a call, 469-585-7691, to schedule your cleaning and to find out what deals they're offering (he added 2 hallways at no cost to my cleaning). You can also go to the main website, , to find a location by you.

So don't Just Clean Your Carpets - Oxi Fresh Clean Them! And as always, if you're thinking of buying or selling your house, I'd love to work with you or help in any way!