Monday, January 31, 2011

Buying and/or Selling a House in Dallas / Rockwall County - Programs Offered to YOU Save Money!

I'm excited to share with you the amazing 2011 Buying & Selling program our full-service real estate boutique is offering! d + b real estate understands that the current state of our economy isn't the best right now and we feel that our clients deserve a "Break" ... after all, we have families too and are looking for ways to $ave MONEY! As a boutique brokerage, we can freely offer our clients this fabulous 2011 Buying & Selling programs! So without further adue, here they are ...

1. The "Movin' on Up" Program When you SELL your current home AND BUY a larger home with me, you will save 1.5% off the total sales commission on your sale.
For Example: Your family of 3 is expecting a 4th! Your 1,800 square foot starter home in Rowlett is quickly becoming too small! What you really need is a larger 4 bedroom home with over 2,500 square feet. So, you sell your $150,000 home and buy a larger home that costs $200,000. The new home costs more than the home you are selling...soooo...the good news: YOU QUALIFY FOR The "Movin' on Up" ProgramIn this instance, you will save $2,250.00!!
2. The "Hometown Hero" Program
Are you a Firefighter, Paramedic, Police Officer or Teacher? If you are, then d + b real estate thinks YOU are a HOMETOWN HERO
! As a former high school Teacher, I know the hard work, hours and even the risk you face while on the job! As a way to say THANK YOU for the services you provide to our community, we'd like to help you $ave MONEY when buying OR selling a home! You'll receive a $500.00 credit at the closing table! Use it to help pay for your closing costs or as a way to keep more cash in your pocket for fixing up the new house: painting, furniture or maybe use it for that sweet new equipment for the media room.

*And YES, if you're a HomeTown Hero who is Moving On Up, I will honor both programs for you :-)

Hang In there ... we know that the past few years haven't been easy for anyone. Layoffs happen. Salary cuts happen. LIFE Happens. Just know that you've got a local Dallas/Rockwall County REALTOR who is happy to help you $ave MONEY and that we know every dollar counts!

Let us help save you money in your real estate purchase. When you call to make an appointment for a market analysis of your neighborhood or a home buyers consultation, make sure to mention our 2011 Buying & Selling programs and we'll get the ball rolling! We're also happy to recommend quality loan officers, home stagers or other vendors to help you achieve your goals. Just give me a call at 214-422-0729 or send me an email at