Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Make Your House Stand Out, Dallas TX

IF you had a 3.5% mortgage on your current home and were buying another home, transferring your low interest rate mortgage WOULD be ideal. Unfortunately, lenders don't allow that.

BUT, here's a fabulous idea & another PLUS to buying a home today ...
IF you purchase a home with a FHA or VA loan, the present advantages are that these loans are priced competitively and are a little easier to qualify for than conventional loans, not to mention rates are crazy low right now!  The Future Advantage is that FHA and VA loans are ASSUMABLE at the original note rate for qualifying buyers.

There's more to sell than the home itself when you have an Assumable Loan. How so you ask???  For one, the mortgage payment for the potential buyer could lower their cost of housing significantly. Secondly, it could help grow the equity faster in the house for the potential buyer.

When Buying a Home Today, it would be smart to Think About Selling it in the Future. To have a good home with unique features makes it marketable. To have attractive financing that could be assumed would add to it's salability! Below is an example of how an Assumable Loan makes a difference. If you have more questions about how this works or are interested in Buying or Selling a home, please contact me ... I'm here to help, refer you to someone who can (lenders, ect), and would love to work with you or your referrals!