Friday, August 5, 2011

Triple Digit Heat Wave Rocks Dallas ~ Lake Ray Hubbard to the Rescue

Triple Digit temperatures have rocked Dallas for 34 straight days with most of those days being over 105*! Woo Wee, Dallas is well on it's way to break it's record of 42 consecutive days at 100* or higher that was set in 1980! So how does Lake Ray Hubbard play into this???
With all this heat, it's only natural that more people are staying indoors and running their air conditioners for longer amounts of time. All of this extra energy usage is really packing it on the Power Grids ... so much so that yesterday, Dallas was put on Energy Emergency Alert Level 2, where companies are paid to temporarily shut off their power during the peak usage times. 
To help ease the stress on the Power Grids, power companies like Luminant, are pulling in all their facilities, even the 40 year old 921 mega-watt Lake Ray Hubbard Power Plant! Though Lake Ray Hubbard's Power Plant is dormat for most of the year, it has enough power to take care of 200,000 homes! A Luminant spokesperson, Scott Diermann, said it best in a WFAA News 8 Interview yesterday, "It's vital that that unit be there, it's the difference between meeting all the customer demands and having to interrupt customers." 

With help from Power Plants like our very own Lake Ray Hubbard Power Plant and voluntary reduction of electricity usage from residents and companies, Dallas should be able to avoid the Energy Emergency Alert Level 3 of the dreaded Rolling Blackouts!