Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Traditions

Oh I love when Fall rolls in! Chilly mornings, football, leaves changing colors, and family traditions! About 2 years ago we started to Paint/Carve Pumpkins and roast Pumpkin Seeds. The past 2 years, I've been the one pushing that we do it ... but somehow this year it slipped my mind, that is until my step-daughter said "Hey, we still have to do our pumpkins!" As a huge smile struck my face & I said "Your Right!", I was thinking how awesome that this has become something that she looks forward to! So off to the store my husband & daughter go to get pumpkins while I quickly scramble to find our crafty supplies. After a hardy breaky & a few cups of coffee to kick start our creative juices, we were ready to get going with our Pumpkin Family Tradition! Our Lil' Pumpkin who's 17mths got in on the action with his own ... quite the artist! Then after the pumpkins were done, the kiddos & I went outside to sort out the seeds from the pulp - talk about a fabulously delicious mess :)

Basking in the afterglow of our Family Tradition, I started to think of my business and how friends & clients, like my step-daughter, really do look forward to things we do even though we don't think they do. If you've done something for a couple years in a row, lets say you deliver fresh Pumpkin Bread the Friday before Thanksgiving, and then forget to do it ... I bet your friends & clients would wonder why they didn't see you this year. It's important to stay consistant & little tokens of thought are heart warming to all.

So here's my new task, I'm going to come with 4 (1 for each of the seasons) different Family & Business Traditions. How about you ... What are your Family Traditions? What are you Business Traditions?