Thursday, October 21, 2010

Home Inspections

Home Inspections are, in my book, a must whether you're buying a New Build House or a Previously Owned House. Inspections allow the buyer to receive factual information on the condition of the house. The Big 5 that seems to be on everyones mind are: Foundation, Heating/Cooling System, Roof, Plumbing, & Electrical ... and in Texas, lets add Termites or other Wood Destroying Insects. Once the Inspector goes over these with the buyer, it seems that most other items are cosmetic. It's important that any repairs are done by Licensed Professionals & the receipt is given to your buyer so they know who to contact if the issue occurs again and so they can switch the warranty over to their name.

If you're in need of an inspector, I highly recommend the meticulous Gene South of Texas Property Inspection. He not only is extremely thorough with the inspection but also with his report. He includes pictures with special notes & diagrams, which is such a useful tool for the buyer who can refer to it later.

Now not only do you get to find out the condition of the property but you also get a chance to learn some great tips on how to fix the issues as well as tips on how to prevent issues. I personally learn something new everytime I'm with a buyer for an inspection! Here's a few that I recently learned ...

  • For people, an Apple a day may keep the Doctor away but for a House, watering the soil around your house keeps the Foundation Doctor away :)
  • Acrobat Ants, which are not 1 of the 16 Wood Destroying Insects, can do as much damage as Carpenter Ants & it's important to have your house treated for them as well.
  • Satellite Dishes screwed on to the roof often times aren't sealed properly or the seal wears away w time & allows rain to sweep through the screw holes. Easy Fix = purchase Black Roof Tar from Lowe's/Home Depot & apply around the screws.
  • All Outlets have a "Master" & the others in circuit are "slaves" ... meaning that if 1 of the slave outlets isn't working simply Reset the Master outlet & wallah :)
Stay tuned for more Lessons Learned during Inspections!