Monday, October 18, 2010

To Vote or Not to Vote ...

I Got My VOTE On today ... Did You?

It's hard to miss that there are some Elections coming up, thanks to all the 'mudslinging' commercials on TV!  Mid-term elections are essentially voting for State Governor, State Senate, State Representative, US Senate, US Congress, & local elections. and Ahhh yes, today began Early Voting for the November 2nd General Election and will last until October 29th.  I'm a huge fan of Early Voting for the following reasons: 1) we get 2 weeks to find the our voting station, 2) we have 2 weeks to find 5 minutes to vote, & best of all, 3) NO LINES!!! 
Follow this link to locate your voting poll and take advantage of the 2 weeks of Early Voting!
TX Polling Locations